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From the small estate to the large mansion, the vacant lot to the entire farm & operation, the business next door to the warehouse, the small collector to the lifelong collection of antiques collectibles & art, the single piece of equipment to the fleet of machinery.

The Auction Method of selling is the only way to realize top dollar – it is where supply meets the demand…

Dreibelbis Auctions is YOUR Resource for the highest quality auction services…



  • By using the auction method, the seller does not make the initial offer like they do with traditional selling methods.  Selling using by auciton the seller retains the right of first refusal by never needing to disclose what amount they are willing to take for the purchase.
  • Sellers can pick when they want a sale and the terms they like rather than having buyers dictate what, when and how they will make the purchase.
  • There are NO NEGOTIATIONS when you sell at auction.  As the Seller, YOU have complete control and the stress and strain and complications of negotiating are eliminated.
  • The holding costs (mortgage payments, maintenance and repairs, taxes, insurance) are reduced because of the assets can be converted into cash quickly.
  • Serious and qualified buyers purchase at auction.
  • Contingencies of financing are not an issue when qualified buyers come to make the purchase at auction and this is insured by the non negotiable and non refundable deposit the buyer makes when the property is sold.
  • With Real Estate sales we eliminate the costs of closing and transfer taxes for the Seller.
  • True Market Value is realized at auction.  There is no speculation about what anything is worth when you sell at auction.
  • The Auction Method produces what no other sales or marketing is able by having the timed defined to the day when property changes hands.  Urgency and scarcity are what auctions produce that no other sales method is able or capable.  Properties list for months and sometimes years before they sale and the only guarantee a realtor can make is that they will never know if the property could sell for more because with negotiated sales prices get negotiated down and not up and there are always contingencies.

So do not put a limit on the price you will receive!  Let us help you reach your goals and get as much money as possible for your property.



Dreibelbis Auctions Uses The Most State Of The Art Methods And Techniques To Market And Sell Real Estate & Personal Property.

  • We Are Able To Reach Your Real Property Out To Websites That Receive Over 20 Million Views And/Or Searches For Real Estate.
  • At Dreibelbis Auctions, we understand the importance for you to receive the most money possible for your real estate, personal property and/or merchandise.
  • We will get market value for your assets and take large amounts of time and money spent advertising and selling to people negotiating down the price.
  • Using the auction method we will get people to compete for ownership of your property.
  • Dreibelbis Auctions is a Christian business based on Biblical principles. We treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.
  • We are a full-service auction business and keeps at the forefront of our mind that as our client, your confidence and trust in is vital to our success.
  • We are able to tell the world about your items and offer them the opportunity to buy your merchandise.
  • Whether you are selling one piece, a large collection, antiques & collectibles, coins, jewelry, gold, silver, electronics, autos or anything you wish to receive the most money the market will bear, we can help you by exposing your valuable items to the right buyers.
  • Integrating digital photography and high definition video and online bidding empowers both sellers and buyers to maximize their opportunities in selling and buying property with ease and convenience.
  • We have several auctioneers with product knowledge. We are able to give attention to detail and effectively market your property.
  • These are just a few of the services that we provide to ensure successful consignment auctions. If you are interested in receiving a no obligation consultation, contact us today with our online form or call us.

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Consultation – Contact us for a review of your situation. The saying is that “Some of the best auctions are the ones you don’t agree to conduct.” We believe this wholeheartedly. 

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At Dreibelbis Auctions, we will provide you with an assessment of your situation and let you know what is in your financial best interests. We only want what is best for you. If we can’t do what is in your economic best interest, we don’t want your business.  If your real estate, business or estate is a good candidate for an auction then we will provide you with a proposal.  Your proposal will include all marketing and labor costs and commission rates. Because we embrace technology, all our auctions are automated. (Learn more about technology and auctions.)  Upon completing the paperwork, let us get started!



Auction Day – Our team brings the reality of values to your real estate, business or personal property at auction. Dreibelbis Auctions team has staged and has your home, estate, business, equipment, collectibles and more ready to sell to the highest bidder. 

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We manage every aspect of the entire operation and all the logistics. We have our experienced auctioneers to clerks, registrars, attendants and everyone necessary in place to make your auction a success.  Our professionals provide the best atmosphere for buyers to compete for your real estate and personal property.



Marketing – Dreibelbis Auctions uses the most state of the art methods to reach buyers for your residential, business, undeveloped or luxury property. 

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We don’t waste advertising dollars on outdated and old media that doesn’t work. We are always doing market research to make sure we are bringing you the best possible exposure for your auction.



Post Auction – Our team has accomplished the mission of bringing you true market value to your real estate, business or personal property. The logistics of closing have begun. With our state of the art technology we are able to prepare a complete report for you.

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 With our software for cataloging, clerking, cashiering, accounting, inventory management, that is integrated for live webcast, multi-parcel and internet only timed auctions makes providing you the details you want simple. No more receiving a stack of carbon copy tear sheets that you can barely read or understand that only have a bidder number and amount leaving it a mystery who purchased what, when for how much. – With our system, you receive a complete report in detail printed with every item that went across the block accounted for down to what the item is, who purchased it for how much, when and all their contact information readily available. – Within days of credit cards processing and checks clearing we are able to present you with a complete report and check of the proceeds from your auction.


Auctions date back to the earliest recorded history as a means of commerce.  The word “auction” is derived from the Latin augeō and Ancient Greek αὐξάνω which means “I increase” or “I augment”.  During the Roman Empire, Roman soldiers would often auction the spoils of war.

The most famous of auctions in the history of this world is for the garments of Jesus Christ.  Amazing how the prophecy of David in Psalm 22:18 was fulfilled as we read in Mark 15:24  His garments (τὰ ἱμάτια). This would be loose, flowing outer dress with the girdle. The tunic (χιτών) was a closefitting dress, worn underneath the ἱμάτιον. There were four soldiers employed for each crucifixion. St. Cyril refers to the clothes of criminals as the prerequisite of the executioners.  The first-century Jewish historian Josephus stated in his Antiquities (History) of the Jews that the temple’s high priest had to wear a vestment colored blue. This clothing was not made by pieces of clothing sewn together, or even two large pieces. It was one long vestment that was parted along the breast and back.  Unlike clothing made from pieces and thus easier to tear up, Jesus’ coat would have been harder to separate into pieces. Additionally, the act of trying to divide such a seamless coat would likely make any pieces frayed and useless.  Jesus’ vesture, or seamless coat, because they would not rend it is the piece, they cast lots by dividing up the clothes and were sold at auction.

The one-percent-tax on auctions (cenesima renum venalium) was under Tiberius in A.D. 15 and paid by the buyer.  A four percent tax on slaves was created in A.D. 7 from the time of Nero was paid by the seller.

Auctions often would take place after conquests by the Roman Soldiers.

In Roman society, auctions were used to sell goods in a wide range of social stratums.  Roman emperors would sell goods and generate money in cash for pressing needs. Auctions were part of everyday life in the Rome ranging from agricultural crops, slaves, cattle and land but served to get money for rummage.  The Pompeian tablets illustrated the affairs of Jucundus slaves where linen and wood were mentioned as objects of auctions.  Tablets of Sulpicii from Puteoli described purple clothes, landed property and slaves being sold at auction.

The praeco (Latin for hearld, crier) would announce the times and place of auctions and often acted as the auctioneer.  Praecones were prominent literary characters of the time.  The praeco acted on behalf of the seller of goods and was paid by the seller for his services.  The dominus auctionis was the either a guardian acting in the name of the person, a creditor or the proprietor of the goods being sold at auction.  Historically the dominus auctionis (proprietor) used the services of an argenarius, a coactor or a coactor argentarius (banker, money changer) for the execution of the auction paying a percentage of the purchase price.  This today would be the Registrar/Cashier at the auction.

The choice of using the auction method to sell has several advantages for sellers and purchasers as well as lowering the transaction costs.  Transactions costs are normally divided into several categories.

Information – These costs are reduced by using the auction method.  In a modern society, having a system which is known by sellers and possible purchasers reduces the costs considerably.  The rules of the system are know by both sellers & buyers (terms and conditions of auction).  The seller does not know the valuation that bidders will attribute to the real estate or personal property, goods, wares that will be sold.  This means that the seller’s ability to sell at an exorbitant price is limited.  A monopoly-oligopsony can be expected with auctions.

An oligopsony – Greek ὀλίγοι – “purchase” is a market form in which the number of buyers is small while the number of sellers in theory could be large.  A good example today would be where there are small number of buyers like WalMart or Target or Lowes & Home Depot or Staples & Office Depot in their respective niche where they can control and dictate the price they pay to suppliers.

This means that competition between bidders will rise the price of anything auctioned.  As prices are raised by incremental bidding means that a greater price will be realized by the seller.

Negotiation – These costs are lowered as well with the auction method of selling.  Even in Roman Law the bid was an oral act of sale and was liable for trial in a court of justice.  This means that negotiation costs regarding contracts are much less than private treaty sale.

Pricing, Monitoring & Enforcement Costs – Since auctions bring about the sale with bidding the oral act of the sale eliminates the monitoring and enforcement costs.

The auction method is the best mechanism for the formation of price which lowers transaction costs for all parties.

From ancient history, Auctions have provided a fair playing ground for participants both buyers and sellers.  The management of risk for both sellers and buyers is equally shared with the auction method.

Auctioneers in the Roman Empire were specialized because of the importance of the wine trade in Rome and Ostia.  This is no different today where auctioneers specialize in different markets.  From real estate to equipment & machinery, to livestock to automobiles, estates and luxury homes, the auction method has been a time tested and proven method of being the most efficient and beneficial to both sellers and buyers.

Auctions in the United States have not varied much since the ancient of days.  The Civil War era had Colonels selling spoils of war.  The nick name “Colonel” has since been associated with Auctioneers.

Where Do Auctions Get Things To Sell?

Auction companies are able to sell anything you can think of.  You can find just about anything you can think of being sold at auction today.  But where do the auctioneers find these things to sell?  According to Skip Dreiblebis, entrepreneur, Auctioneer and founder of Dreibelbis Auctions, the real property (real estate) and personal property (items owned by an individual, estate or business) are consigned by individuals, estates, corporations and small business owners and sometimes even the government wants something sold at auction.  From the individual collector or families seeking to liquidate assets of an estate, trusts, financial institutions, agencies and charities wishing to raise funds for a cause all call upon auction companies to bring top dollar.  Regardless of the economy, there are always people wanting to bring liquidity to real estate, personal property or from their business.



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