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Let us help you reach your goals. We do two things for our clients – help them receive as much money as possible for their real estate and personal property all while doing so in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.


We Provide The Following Types Of Auctions

On-Site Auctions

Auctions Conducted On Location At Homes And Businesses

Online Auctions

Auctions Conducted Online Where You May Bid From Your Computer, Tablet or Phone

Live Webcast Auctions

Auctions Online Where You Can Attend On-Site OR If Unable To Attend On-Site You May Bid In Real Time Online Using Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

Selling At Auction

sell at auction


– Smart Real Estate & Personal Property owners understand true market value through competitive bidding – The Seller knows the when their home or estate will sell – In multi-property auctions the buyer sees many offerings in the same place at the same time – Sellers can determine the reserve price – Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods – Auctions reduce time to sell property – Selling and closing dates are known – Learn more about selling at auction and see the power of it in this video


Antiques and Collectibles

Antiques and Collectibles


Dreibelbis Auctions provides collectible auctions and antique auction services offering quality personalized service to our clients. Customers from around world are welcome to attend our auctions of quality items. Our clients’s estate auctions often have fine furnishings where, collectors, dealers, decorators and other bidders from around the world gather for our antique auctions.





Equipment & Machinery Auctions

Equipment & Machinery Auctions


When it’s time to sell your heavy equipment and trucks most likely you want to sell it quickly and you want to get the best price possible.  This may sounds simple, but with all the available options you have and the varying needs and demands of your businesses, selling equipment and machinery can become a complicated and time-consuming.

With Dreibelbis Auctions we have Auctioneers who have worked over twenty years in the equipment and machinery industry who are able to provide your company the best opportunity to realize top dollar for your used and new equipment and machinery.

From heavy equipment for construction, transportation, agricultural, machinery, vehicles and other industrial services we are able to bring the world to your auction.


Farm Auctions

Farm Auction

Farm Auctions are a mainstay of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia & Florida’s agricultural community. Regardless of the reason for the auction, people are always drawn out to the farm auction.

Dreibelbis Auctions offers professional auction services to clients throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina & Florida.

Farm Auctions, like everything else, are evolving with today’s technology. At Dreibelbis Auctions we embrace technology and integrate it into our auction services.  Learn more…


Business Liquidations

Business Liquidations

Business liquidation auction services of selling business / commercial property is the effective way to meet the needs of companies and business owners. Dreibelbis Auctions provides commercial and industrial auctions services for companies of any size and at any location. We work with our clients to make sure that each step of the auction process will bring the highest return on their assets. Let Dreibelbis Auctions show you how we work to bring in the highest returns and use technology to effectively market and sell your excess inventory, used and new equipment, or liquidate the assets of your business or company with targeted market research, descriptive listings with professional photography, online auction bidding and secure payment processing with the best customer service.  Learn more…


Estate Auctions

Estate Auction

Dreibelbis Auctions provides the highest quality Estate Auction services to help bring liquidity to an estate. Often families, the children of older adults, do not know where to begin the process of dissolving an estate.  Prior to the auction it is often necessary to follow formal procedures in settling the estate.  The process is called estate Administration. Both state and federal law establish certain requirements which must be followed.  Learn more…




Real Estate Auctions

Real Estate Auction

Are You Under A Deadline Or Feeling Pressure To Get Your Residential, Commercial or Undeveloped Property Sold ? We can help! How Long Do You Want To Wait For Someone To Find Your Home or Property And Negotiate Your Listed Price Down?  The Auction Method Is Able To Do All Of This Where Traditional Real Estate Just Is Not Able. So, How Long Can You Afford To Wait?  Contact Us Today And Let Us Help You Get Your Real Estate Sold And Closed In 60 Days Or Less.  Learn More…