Top Dollar For Your Home At Auction

What Home Owners Need To Know About Selling Their Home

Can you afford to settle for less than the most your home could possibly sell?  When was the last time you noticed a price on a home listed for sale go up and not down?  We do with every home we sell!

Don’t settle for less than top dollar by selling with antiquated selling methods of the traditional list, wait and continuously reduce methods used by Real Estate Agents | Realtors.

When buyer’s compete seller’s win!

This ONLY happens with the auction method of selling.  Don’t be fooled by a Realtor | Agent who tells you they will get people bidding on your property.  They can’t!  Fact is, the moment you put a price on your home it is game over!  You lose control of selling your home the moment you put a price on it.  It is not like people look and say, “They are asking $400K, I’ll offer them $425K.”  No way!  They think, “I will make them pay for an inspection, deduct all I can and then some and then I’ll reduce even more and then let their Agent | Realtor pressure the seller into taking it.”Sell - Strategy Innovation Plan Success

Time to roll back the frontiers of ignorance selling real estate!

We are here to help educate and empower sellers to take back control of selling their homes where they don’t tell ANYONE (except the Auctioneer) what price they want to receive and make a decision on the day of the auction if it is what they are willing to receive.  No more contingencies of buyers dictating – fix this, repair that, upgrade the next thing!

Home Profit CalculatorBuyers purchase your home “as is” – meaning that as you see it is how they are buying it.  A buyer can pay for any inspection they want to get but it will not stop the price at auction from going up. Don’t risk letting the world know what you will settle for with a listing! Make serious and qualified buyers show up to bid on your home today!

Discover the difference the auction method can make for you with our FREE CALCULATOR

Let us structure the sale of your home where you pay no closing costs or taxes today!

Our Auctioneers are committed to excellence and your success. This is one of many reasons why True Blue Auctions is your resource for the highest quality real estate services. Contact Us today!

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