sell real estateThe process of selling a house can be a long, agonizing journey. However, not every owner of real estate has the time or patience to take a traditional path. For these people, the auction method of marketing will be the best way to move their property. True Blue Auctions founder & and auctioneer Skip Dribelbis said that the whole process typically takes between 30 and 90 days including the time to market and close. “The auction method forces buyers to make a decision,” Dreibelbis said. “With ready, willing and able buyers competing to own it is truly a win-win for both the buyers and sellers.” The auction process is much faster and more efficient than the traditional method of selling. “One of the many benefits of real estate auctions is the simplicity and ease of the transaction,” Dreibelbis said. “Auctions are a non-contingent sale. Properties sell “as is” and only qualified buyer’s participate.” Dreibelbis said that auctions are not limited to residential homes. All types of properties can be auctioned, including condominiums, office buildings and land, empty or partially developed lots and communities. Not all auctions are the same. Dreibelbis said the auctioneer and seller decide whether they want to conduct an on-site auction, an internet only auction or any combination of the two or other variations. The auction format can vary as well, providing sellers with numerous choices. Sellers have complete control of the sale of their property and can set a price threshold of what price they will take. Auctioneers work with sellers through the entire process – from determining the type of auction to conduct, from marketing to open house showings thru auction day and on to closing. Buyers at real estate auctions have a much different experience compared to other types of auctions. The marketing is similar to traditional selling methods of real estate in that potential buyers are able to tour the property and ask the auctioneer and seller questions. However, it differs in that on auction day, the bidders will need to be prepared to buy having taken the necessary measures to be approved for financing and know the terms and conditions of the sale. “Just like purchasing with traditional methods, a buyer naturally will know what they are going to purchase.” Dreibelbis said. “All auctions have similar but specific terms and conditions, so a bidder will want to have all their questions answered before bidding.” With the ever changing housing market, buyers and sellers are now looking to real estate auctions instead of going through traditional methods. “Auctions deal in the reality of what anything is worth.” Dreibelbis said. “In the ever changing market for serious sellers and buyers it is the most efficient and cost effective way free of contingencies to sell and buy.” All auctioneers are different and use different methods. “Some place the entire burden on the seller – marketing costs, commission, and have the buyers share taxes and closing costs with the buyer like traditional real estate.” Dreibelbis said, “Our sellers don’t pay any closing costs or taxes and usually at least half of the commission of what traditional sales methods charge but everyone is different and sellers and buyers should always feel free to ask questions.”